welcome to my house.

Hello there! Welcome to my very first attempt at a blog. My name is Hannah and I am twenty four years old. I live in a smallish costal town in south central Victoria, Australia with my fiancé Peter. We live in a four bedroom house that we built together two years ago. By day (and lots of nights as well) I am a nurse working in a busy emergency department. On my treasured days off you will find me rummaging through the multitude of local op shops with my mum, at home trying to complete my many unfinished craft projects, writing fortnightly budgets, trying my best to find a bargain (but splurging on special things too!), cooking up a storm and trying my best to create a beautiful and cozy home filled with love.

I have thought about making a blog for some time now after really enjoying others that I have read and followed in the past. My plan is to have this as a memoir to look back on in years to come and if people enjoy it, well that is just a bonus! I plan to fill my blog with stories and pictures of simple everyday things that bring me joy. My home, family, op shopping, cooking & recipes, adventures, craft and creating, budgeting, shopping, holidays, gardening and more!

I hope to have my first proper post up soon so please let me know what you think when I do!


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