on tuesdays, we op shop.

One of my favourite……. actually make that my number one favourite activity to do on my days off is Op shopping (thrift shopping). Despite years of nagging to start from Mum, I only properly started going to Op shops about three years ago, when Peter and I were planning to build our home. As you will find out quickly, I LOVE getting a bargain and hate paying through the roof for things when I don’t need too. This is what drew me into the Op shops. I found I was getting quality furniture and homewares for a fraction of the price of regular shops and I thought it was fantastic! I also loved that everything was unique, not always perfect and one of a kind. Once I got a taste for it, I couldn’t stop! These days I am a lot more picky with what I choose but I just love wandering around slowly and taking everything in. Some days we leave with nothing but most days we leave with lots.

Tuesday is Op shop day for Mum and I! Mostly because a few of our regular and favourite op shops have an extra 20% off on Tuesdays. There are four op shops we go to every week and some different ones we add in every now and then. Tuesday just gone was a particularly good op shop haul which I’m excited to share with you all!

These two items are from Op shop number one. The first is a beautiful piece of fabric that I would love to add to my quilt. I love the vintage feel to it and it was $3.50 for fairly large size. Second is this gorgeous Natural Superwoman book. It’s about being a busy woman in society and how to stay healthy in your body and mind. It’s pretty old fashion but lovely and for $4.50, I didn’t want to leave it behind.


Second stop was probably the best stop for the day. Here I picked up some great things. This cute flowery bowl was $2, and will be great salads. The flowery pattern doona cover (in the background of the first picture down) was $4, good quality and will be great to cut up for my quilt too. Next and the best bargain for the day were the Enid Blyton books. I have been collecting these over time and can normally pick one up for around $5 (some places sell them for over $10). On Tuesday I came across these six, all in great condition. I was first excited to find them on special (buy 2 get 1 free) but it continued to get better when I found the price tag, only $1.25 each!!! Six vintage, collectable books for $5, seriously insane! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Last but not least is the gorgeous yellow wool blanket. I love the 70s feel to it. I have a little collection of these wool blankets so this is a great addition.


At our next stop I got these Ellie Chronicle books by John Marsden for $2 each. I’ve read these before but not for years and would like to again. I also bought this cute picture for $2. Not sure where I’ll put it but I didn’t want to leave without it.


On to our fourth Op shop. This is where I found my favourite item of the day (and one of the best finds to date!). This awesome, retro outdoor umbrella. How cool!!! and only $12! It’s in almost perfect condition and works perfectly. I found it stuffed in a box with some other old sports and outdoor equipment. When I pulled it out, I felt like I had won the lottery. Mum was seriously jealous and I walked out feeling smug as.


The last two Op shops produced a few hidden gems. This tiny cross stitch for $1.50, how sweet. Next the three mugs (only two pictured) are awesome! They have a holographic look to the them which I’ve seen a lot in shops recently but they still have a old fashioned feel to them (which I love). For $1 each, they couldn’t be left behind! Then three Frankie magazines with only a few marks on them for .50 cents each! I’ve got a fairly good collection of these magazines (which I will share in a future post) so I know they can sell for well over $20 on eBay, so a great bargain! Last buy of my very successful day was a cute teaspoon. I have a growing collection of unique (mostly flowery) teaspoons and I thought this would fit perfectly!


Can’t wait to share my next op shops finds with you!

3 thoughts on “on tuesdays, we op shop.

  1. I love, love, love those Enid Blynton books u scored. I got some when I went Op Shopping with your mum in Sunbury 😊 You’ve got me wanting to make Op Shopping a serious hobby Hannah. Great post, can’t wait to read the next one xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jo!! I remember when Mum and I came across to look after Erin a little while ago, we went Op shopping and I remember there being some good ones in Sunbury!! You would fantastic at op shopping! x


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