night away.

Going back a few months now to my birthday, my sister and best friend bought me tickets for all three of us to go see Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Live in Concert. Best present ever. For those of you who don’t know, I love Harry Potter. I’ve read the books and seen the movies more times than I can count. We were all so excited about it and decided to make a night of it and booked a hotel room to stay over the night. Fast forward two months and it was here!

We headed down early yesterday morning and got home early this afternoon. I had such a fantastic time. Yesterday we ate vietnamese food for lunch, went shopping, walked around the city, walking slow and talking fast. We went to the night noodle market for dinner and ate delicious samosa, gyoza, rice and salad (yum!) and then walked along the river during dusk to the concert. The concert was phenomenal. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra were incredible. We bought scarves in our house colours (Gryffindor for me of course) and sat back and listened and watched in awe. We ate doughnuts and slurpies on the way back to the hotel and slept like babies. This morning we ate bagels for breakfast and walked around the city (and shopped) a bit more. I loved everything about it. The company, the food, the show, the hotel and even the weather! Thank-you thank-you thank-you for a great night.

I am now sitting at home, listening to the rain, lying in a freshly made bed and relaxing. Peter is editing photos on his computer and I think we will make homemade pizzas for tea. I have one more shift at work tomorrow morning and then I have three weeks off! How exciting. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.


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