girls trip

It’s safe to say that I love annual leave! (I mean who doesn’t!) and what better way to start three weeks annual leave than setting off on a cruise!! This cruise had been planned for months and months and it was after several weeks of nagging from my elderly Grandma. So here we were, several months later, my Mum, Sister, Grandma and myself ready to take on the high seas (bass strait), we were off to Tasmania!!

I had been on a cruise once before with Peter after I graduated Uni and really enjoyed it so I was excited for this one. After some seriously busy months at work, I was ready to unwind and relax….. and that’s exactly what we did. Our cruise was five nights long which was the perfect amount of time to take my Grandma. She needs to use a walker, if not a wheelchair to get around so everything had to be taken slow. But slow was exactly what we needed. Our days consisted of, waking up, buffet breakfast, then out to the back of the ship to the lounge chairs in the shade to read/cross stitch/crochet/nap. Then onto lunch which was always delicious. After lunch, Gran often needed a rest in bed, so us three girls would be off to the sauna and steam/meditation/herbal rooms which was probably the best time of the day. We would then make our way back to the lounge chairs and order a drink (I tried the full menu of Mock-tails). It was then time for dinner, which we ate at the restaurant every night. With bellies full of food we made our way back to our cabin to rest then us crazy girls would be well and truly asleep by eight o’clock each night. I read two books, both of which I really enjoyed. The first was Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend and second was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Both I couldn’t seem to put down, gosh I love finding a good book! (If you have any recommendations for a good book, let me know!)  I also added a few more letters to my cross stitch as you can (sort of) see in one of the photos below.

On day three and five we did get off the ship and do some exploring. First stop was Hobart. Here we wandered around the city centre and had a milkshake. We stopped at an op shop (how could I resist) and then to the museum. On day five we stopped in a cute little town called Bernie, where we did much the same. Walked around, looked in shops. But around two hours was enough for us before we were back on the ship to our lounge chairs. Everything about the cruise was fantastic but the best part is just being with my family (no matter where we are) just laughing, always teasing each other and having fun. They are the best memories.

After five nights, we were ready to come home. My Mum has always said ‘it’s nice to go away but nicer to come home’. It so true, we are all home bodies at heart. I came home to some beautiful flowers from Peter, my new cross stitch having arrived in the mail!! and our outdoor area having finally been paved! (all of which I will show in future posts). I just remember feeling so content right then and there at home with Peter, what a beautiful feeling to hold on to.


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