my garden

Oh my gosh, it’s been way to long since I’ve posted. I don’t really have an excuse except for the normal – work, Netflix, sleeping, housework etc. I’ve been thinking about this post for ages now and it feels so good to be finally doing it and I’m really excited to show everyone my garden. Spending time in my garden is something I’ve really found relaxing and therapeutic. Until recently, gardening never really took my interest but once I started, I just wanted to plant more! I just love that feeling of watching the plants grow and that feeling of accomplishment when I see the first flower bloom or the first tomato ripening. I’ve been learning as I go so if there are any green thumb’s reading, I would love to hear any tips you have!

This gorgeous sunflower is my favourite plant I have. Unfortunately this photo was taken a few weeks ago and it no longer has any flowers and is looking pretty sad. My understanding (remembering I don’t know a lot) is that the sunflower is very much a summer plant and with the weather we have had the past few days, I’m sad to think I probably won’t see it again until next summer. Oh well, I really loved and appreciated it while it was on show.


One thing I really love about being outdoors is the wildlife. Since we moved in to our home over two years ago, Peter has really bonded with the magpies in our area. I vividly remember last spring, walking into the lounge room to find four magpies standing on my rug and a very pleased looking Peter. There have also been many times I’ve looked outside to see Peter standing on the lawn surround by thirty-five or more magpies. For Christmas Peter got a birdbath and we bought a bird feeder which has seen an array of different birds coming into our backyard which has been exciting for us. Below is some of the beautiful maggies that visit us.


This is our fig tree. We planted this mid December and it has been doing really well. I give it a really good drink 2-3 times a week and it has taken off. Below is the first ripe fig it has produced. It was delicious! Sweet but earthy and I was so proud to share it with Peter and my mum. I felt like a proud parent. The tree has at least four more fig’s growing and it keeps getting bigger everyday.


This grape vine has been growing for around three months and is really taking off. We have two planted and plan to grow them up, around and over the pergola which will eventually be shade for us. I really think it will look fantastic once it keeps growing!


The second fruit tree we have is this lime tree. Peter got this as a present for Christmas and in the past two weeks it has started producing flowers which are slowly but surely turning into tiny little limes. So cute! The leaves smell so fresh but do have some yellowing to them as you can see below. Does anyone know what this means? I appreciate any tips you have!


And just a couple of hanging pots and potted colourful plants.


And finally our veggies! I just love watching the veggies growing. We have two different types of chilli’s, two capsicum plants, cucumbers, tomatoes and an eggplant. The chilli’s are ripening well as you can see and today while I was taking some photos I realised that the eggplant has a tiny purple flower! How exciting. The tomato plant is one we have had for a while and has produced so many tomatoes. However all the tomatoes were getting too heavy for the branches, which have almost all snapped off now. The tomatoes are ripening on the bench but plant itself is looking very sad. I will prune it right back and hopefully be able to save it.


I have so many more ideas for our garden. I want to add at least three more fruit trees, so tell me your favourites! I’m not sure what else to add, so I need suggestions! We also plan to build bigger and better veggies boxes so we can grow heaps more veggies. Peter is currently building some retaining walls and an in-ground fire pit. I’m putting up fairy lights and want to add some more hanging pots too. Gosh, I really love being in the garden. Speaking of it, I better go water my plants!


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