day one

I haven’t done a post in almost a year to the day and I feel like a lot but also maybe not so much has happened in those nearly 365 days. The best bit was when I became a wife. Our wedding day was the best to date. I also finished a uni course. We rescued four chickens… two died and then we adopted two more. We started new veggie gardens and one was completely destroyed by our four new chickens. I have learnt to sew and bake bread. I continued to knit and crochet. We have made drastic changes in our house in regards to minimising waste… just to name a few. It has been a good year, but it’s also been a hard year. I have started therapy and started to focus on looking after my mental health. Which brings us to today. I have found myself with some unexpected yet very welcome time off work. I have decided I want to document the next month or so here. Just my every day life. Getting back to the basics. Less technology, more outdoors. Less busyness, more slow. Less stress and more self care. There will be cooking, gardening, baking, sewing, knitting, meditating, crocheting and maybe not much more. I don’t know where this month will take me or how i’ll feel at the end but I’m looking forward to it and maybe you can follow along with me.

2 thoughts on “day one

  1. All the best Hannah. I know first hand how important it is to give yourself a bit of self care. Crochet is my therapy😊. There is a time in life that you do have to slow down and at the end of the day, everything Wynette fine.


  2. I love that you are taking care of you, your month ahead sounds fabulous, taking the time to slow down and finding out what puts a smile on your face and fills your heart, looking forward to seeing all of your creations. By the way, best wedding ever!!! xo


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