every day

Do you know what is my favourite part of the day. That moment when you first wake up. That blissful moment when you can feel the sheets on your skin, your head on the pillow and for a moment you almost have no thoughts in your head. It may only last a spilt second but sometimes it feels like a lifetime. I wish I could bottle that feeling up. Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Ebony. We have been friends since primary school and our friendship is something I cherish dearly.  We walked in the rain for a while with our rain jackets on and when the sun finally came out, I was grateful for the feeling of the sun on my face. We enjoyed a warm drink in a cafe which was a stark contrast to the cold wind outside. We spent the rest of the day, tucked up inside on the couch, under blankets, under the heater, talking about nothing but everything as well. We made halloumi burgers with relish for dinner and enjoy macadamia blondies for dessert.  We watched CoCo which was such a beautiful movie. If you haven’t watched it, you need to do yourself a favour. Today I spent the day doing washing, cooking scones and listening to acoustic piano music. Peter spread soil around the outside of the house as we getting ready to make an old red brick path. The bricks are coming tomorrow so that will be nice to have something hands on to do outside. We had a brief but heavy and enjoyable hail storm. One like I haven’t seen in a long time. Our youngest hen also laid her first egg today! We are very proud of her. We wanted to show her her how much we love her so we chased her around the yard and finally caught her to give her a cuddle, I’m pretty sure she hated it. I finished a knitted dish cloth today as well. I think I will have scones with jam for dinner, yum.

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